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Dear Sales Professional,

Personally, I love selling. Don’t you? After all the years I have been selling, it’s still a thrill to close a sale. I get to make the buyer happy. We both benefit – I make a sale and they get to buy what they have been looking for. Doesn’t that just make you feel great? 


There has always been a dark side to the sales business.

Cold calls. The very thought just gives me the shivers.

I don’t know anyone who likes making cold calls. Do you? Nearly 100% rejection, right? They just don’t work. 

Isn't there a better use of your time? Think of how your life might change if you were calling only on prospects who actually want to buy from you. 

How much more income would you be able to earn? More importantly, think about how much more might you enjoy your career and, in fact, your life - if you only had more time?

Wouldn't everything be better?

Can't happen, you say? Gotta make those calls. Make the numbers work. Everyone says so, don't they?

Well no, not everyone.

I sure don't. Not any more.

"I don't make cold calls but can outsell you any day."

In fact, let me be a little more emphatic here and say to you, "I don't make cold calls any more - and I'll bet I can outsell you any day!"

I really don't mean to boast here, but it's true. Will you give me a minute to introduce myself to you so you will see what I mean?

I’m Frank Rumbauskas, a career salesman and more recently a New York Times best-selling author. Over the years as a sales professional, I have made countless cold calls. And you know what? They didn’t work -- and today, in this age of electronic communications, they really don’t work now.

My sales managers always had the answer for me... just make more calls. In other words, just put in longer hours, work harder and place your real life on hold. Like I used to do, you're probably thinking, "Why am I doing this? I'm spending more and more time... and not really seeing any results. It didn't work yesterday, so why should it work today?"

So what is the answer? I finally took the time I needed to figure it out. Then I sat down and wrote it all out in a book, "Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time: Sales Success In The Information Age." And later I had it made into two CDs. And salespeople tried it and, not surprising to me, started buying it.

You know why?

Because it works.


So what if I were to tell you that there really is a way to stop wasting your time making cold calls?

If you will take just a couple more minutes with me here, I will tell you about how you can sell more, get rejected less, make more money – and how to stop wasting your time making cold calls. Ever again.

Do I have something to sell you?

Of course I do.

Is this just another internet sales pitch?

No, it isn’t.

Just listen to a couple of people who use my system:

"I can't begin to tell you what a difference your book has made!  After implementing just a few of your techniques I went from signing 5-8 clients per month to signing 16-20.  When I finally caught my breath I tried some of your other tips and last month alone added over 100 new clients!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

- Kathy Harper, United BankCard


"Frank's book, Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time, has some of the best business advice that I have been given in the over 20 years of my business experience. It gets to the basic common sense business approaches utilizing many of the tools that we have today. I think and work much differently than I did before because I am now working smarter and not harder. The results are just starting to happen and I am excited about what the future is going to bring to my business. Thanks Frank, now it is time to 'Pay it Forward!'"

- John Hornyak, CEO, X2Media

These people and many others who use my system all received an added bonus – more time. Yes, some used that time to gain more customers and earn more income but countless others have created more time to live their lives, spend time with friends and families -- enjoy hobbies, sports and other activities to balance their lives. They have more control. Does that make your ears perk up? Just a little?

Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes making cold calls. Make 50 cold calls and how many “no’s” do you get? About 50, right?

So you know it doesn’t work. So why on earth would you keep doing it? Probably because you don’t know what else to do.

Well that’s what I found. But I can show you a better way.

And this is it:



"Cold calling is the lowest percentage of sales call success. If you invest as much time in reading this book as you do in cold calling, your success percentage and your income will skyrocket."

- Jeffrey Gitomer, author, Little Red Book of Selling

About now you should be asking yourself, “How do I know this will work for me or my salespeople? Is this system guaranteed?”

And the answer is: Of course it’s guaranteed. 100% 90-day money-back guarantee. You even get to try it free for 30 days before deciding if you want to pay for it.

Your next question will likely be something like this: “Okay, you got me interested. Now what’s it going to cost?”

Actually, a better question isn’t what the price is – but, "how much is it costing you by not using this system?”

How much time, which equals money, are you spending making cold calls now, getting told “NO!” and making no money while doing that?

I’m willing to bet it’s a frighteningly big number. Am I right?

Since we are on that subject, let’s talk frankly about price. Let’s say, just for the sake of discussion, that I will sell you this system for $797. It’s not that much – not even close, so don’t stop here – but for the moment, let’s just say that it is.

And so now you get my system (which comes with a really long list of great bonus materials, too).

After you take it all in and stop wasting your time on cold calls and start selling to people who actually want to buy from you, you find your income going up. A lot. After you make only $797, the system is paid for and you are off and running. Plus it won’t take long to make that – and a whole lot more.

Look, here’s the thing. Most people will balk at a price tag of $797.  You know that. I know that.

So I want to make this easy and affordable. No games, no pressure.

Make sense?

So I am going to offer this program for $97.

All completely guaranteed, of course, and all with lots of great bonus materials which you will see in a minute.

And you pay me nothing today. I'll ship you the course and let you download the e-book portion right now so you can get started immediately. If you like it, keep it and we'll bill you the $97 in 30 days.

If you don't like it, send it back and you'll never even be charged.

I'm able to make this offer with full confidence because almost nobody sends the program back. It's that good.

This may sound low, and I realize that, but I don’t want the price to hold you back from success in your sales career.

$97. And you pay me nothing today. Just the shipping.

That’s it. Even with all the bonuses.

Yes! Send My Free Trial Now!

Please send me the complete package including the book & manual and 2 CDs direct to my door, along with instant access to the e-book and over $300 in bonuses!

I'll pay nothing today, except the shipping!

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Our money-back guarantee has been certified by independent consumer watchdog group which verifies that we honor our guarantee 100% of the time, no questions asked.

"Here are some of the secrets you'll learn."

Here's a sample of some of the great things you'll learn with my system (page numbers are from the expanded print edition of the book that will ship direct to you):

  • A simple strategy that will flood your inbox with people saying, "I need to buy your product, please call me!" -pg. 61

  • If your company requires you to cold call, how to add powerful leverage to the process to instantly start generating 3-5 times more leads. -pg. 59

  • A simple system that will multiply your results exponentially month after month, to the point where you'll never need to prospect again in just a few short months! -pg. 75

  • The one technique that will bring you so many referrals, you'll never need to prospect again. -pg. 100

  • A simple trick to make qualified, ready-to-buy prospects pick up the phone and call you. -pg. 56

  • How to use a simple tool you already have (and it's free) to generate dozens of leads each week, without a single cold call. -pg. 69

  • How to instantly become an authority figure to prospects and make them want to follow your lead. -pg. 41

  • A cheap and easy way to reel in potentially thousands of hot leads you never knew existed. -pg. 87

  • Why business networking mixers are a huge waste of time, and the secret networking tactic that the top producers use (that they don't want you to know about!) -pg. 105

  • How to easily build credibility with prospects over time, automatically and at no cost. -pg. 73

  • An easy trick to improve your sales results immediately, with little or no hard work. -pg. 50

  • How to create a master lead-generation system that will run on autopilot, leaving you free to close deals and pick up checks all day long. -pg. 112

  • How to make prospects think you're a high-powered executive and make them want to meet with you asap. -pg. 65

  • How to gain so much credibility for yourself that prospects would be willing to pay you for your time and advice, let alone buy from you. -pg. 97

  • How to multiply your efforts as though you had an army of salespeople prospecting for you. -pg. 54

  • A certain percentage of people are pre-disposed to buy from you; how to let them know you exist and get them to identify themselves so you never have to prospect again. -pg. 79

  • A psychological trick to get prospects to BUY RIGHT NOW, without objections. -pg. 28

Yes! Send My Free Trial Now!

Please send me the complete package including the book & manual and 2 CDs direct to my door, along with instant access to the e-book and over $300 in bonuses!

I'll pay nothing today, except the shipping!

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Since you are still with me here, let’s look at the whole package you will get for that $97:

  • The revolutionary book Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time: Sales Success In The Information Age (ISBN 0-9765163-0-6) which explains my prospecting system in full detail.

  • The book also includes a workbook section, Stop Cold Calling and Start Selling, which assists you in understanding the concepts and crafting your own lead-generation plan without cold calling.

  • You will receive the book in .pdf e-book format immediately after ordering, so you can start reading and learning right now!

  • The 2-CD audio program.  Over 2-1/2 hours long, this isn't just another audio book where I repeat what I wrote in the book ... no ... this is separate and distinct.  Many of the ideas I share go way beyond the book, and last over two and a half hours!!!

  • A free review of your workbook exercises and prospecting plan.  This is a limited-time offer so don't wait, I will not be accepting any more reviews after May 31, 2013.  You'll need to order right now to get my system in your hands and have time to complete the review.

  • Access to our Private Member Forums. This is one of the most valuable parts of the package -  you'll receive private access to our customers-only discussion forums where you can discuss our strategies with other salespeople and small business owners who are already using them successfully!

  • Free Lifetime Product Updates:  Every time I update the book, you'll get a free copy via email.  This way you won't have to spend money each time I add new ideas and techniques, which is quite frequently.  I know I could easily charge for this, but I believe in "customers for life" and would much rather have your long-term trust than make a quick buck by selling updates.

  • 100% of your purchase price may be credited to a future seminar, and 50% may be credited toward coaching.  Save your order number, you'll need it to redeem this!

  • 90-day money-back guarantee that this program and the ideas presented within will increase your sales dramatically and will allow you to stop wasting your time and energy on cold calling and start generating qualified business instead.  If you don't experience the results you desire, simply return the package for a prompt and courteous refund.  It's that easy.

  • Free 30-Day Trial: I'll ship the course to you today, and you pay me nothing but the shipping. If you don't like what you see, simply send it back to us, and you'll never even be charged. This is 100% risk-free.

Yes! Send My Free Trial Now!

Please send me the complete package including the book & manual and 2 CDs direct to my door, along with instant access to the e-book and over $300 in bonuses!

I'll pay nothing today, except the shipping!

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"With clarity, focus and a user-friendly approach, Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr., disposes of the antiquated notion of cold-calling as we know it. Instead, he focuses on the results-oriented methodology of a self-marketing plan – one that shows salespeople how to think, act and succeed like business owners. Rumbauskas emphasizes the importance of a highly-inclusive self-marketing plan that utilizes the benefits of the Internet, Internet marketing, e-mail, personal Web sites, newsletters, direct mail, Weblogs, seminars, consultations, publicity, networking and assistance-based 'cold calling' (which contacts or responds to qualified prospects)."

- Soundview Executive Book Summaries  


But wait ... there's more.

Since releasing the first edition of Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time nearly three years ago, I've compiled quite a list of bonuses that I'm able to offer you, absolutely free, with your purchase of Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time.

All of these bonuses are downloadable, so you'll have them in your hands just a minute or two from now, and can get started on them immediately!

And, you get to keep all of these bonuses, absolutely free, even if you decide to send the system back!

Here are all of the free bonuses you'll receive with Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time when you order right now:

Teleseminar Recordings:

Call #1 - Call With Frank Rumbauskas And Mark Joyner. ($47 Value).
Frank and #1 bestselling author Mark Joyner talk about Secret Strategies and tactics that anyone can use to generate endless leads without cold calling, ever. 

You'll also receive free access to Simpleology 101, Mark's online multimedia coaching & time-management system plus a whole lot more.  I have personally used Simpleology to more than triple my productivity.


Call #2 - Call With Frank Rumbauskas And Tom Beal. ($47 Value).

Renowned sales coach Tom Beal and I discuss my lead-generation strategies in detail, plus Tom's knowledge in the area of generating leads without cold calling. This interview includes a written transcript, so you can read it as well as listen to it.

Tom has been a top-producer in sales and is now a leading sales coach and his insights are worth a fortune.


Call #3 - Call With Frank Rumbauskas And Daryl Logullo. ($47 Value).

Sales expert Daryl Logullo and I explore alternatives to cold calling.  The strategies discussed in this interview are of tremendous value to anyone in sales.   We also reveal why the "old-school" sales methods you've been taught don't work anymore.

... this is definitely one of the best interviews I've ever done.  Don't miss it.

Bonus Audio Programs:

Bonus #1 - 30-minute excerpt from "The Science Of Persuasion" ($19.97 Value)

Sales guru Troy Epping of "Secrets To Winning Big" shares 30 minutes of The Science Of Persuasion.

The Science of Persuasion, featuring Marvin C. Sadovsky, Ph.D. and Kym Yancy, will show you how to experience EXTRAORDINARY results in minutes when communicating with others.

In other words, secrets to sales greatness...


Bonus #2 - "How To Stop Chasing Prospects Forever!" ($27 Value)

My audio program, "How To Stop Chasing Prospects Forever," which explains why prospects who seemed interested at first blow you off, and how you can finally end this cycle forever and close them.

Never waste another minute chasing prospects who won't return your calls....

Bonus Sales Books:

Sales Book #1 - Smart B2B Prospecting


by Andrew Paulsen

This is an awesome e-book about the smart use of technology for prospecting in today's world.  I wish the title didn't make it sound like it's only useful for B2B sales, because this book is full of great information for everyone in sales!


Sales Book #2 - The IT Sales Manual

by Ivy Technology Partners

Ivy Technology Partners is an IT firm owned by Nigel Edelshain, a brilliant expert on sales.  This is another book with a misleading title ... it's geared toward IT sales, but is worth gold to everyone in sales who will read and apply the information contained within.


Sales Book #3 - 57 Questions To Take Control

by Bob Firestone

Sales guru Bob Firestone is a genius when it comes to awesome comebacks to prospects' objections.  This fantastic free report is packed full of great comebacks and rebuttals that will put you in total control of your appointments, and have you closing a lot more sales, fast!

Bonus Success Books:

Success Book #1 - As A Man Thinketh ($10.95 Value)

by James Allen

This is one of the original, most well-known, and best motivational books of all time.  If you haven't read it, you're missing out, believe me.  My interpretation of the book is that it's the very best concepts of Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, and other great success authors, all condensed into a brief volume you can read, understand, and begin using today.


Success Book #2 - Acres of Diamonds ($12.95 Value)

by Russell Conwell

I'd heard this one recommended to me time and time again, but I never got around to finding a copy for myself (it's quite rare nowadays).  When I finally did read it, I regretted not having it sooner.  I learned a lot about why I hadn't been more successful up to that point, and how I could change that.  And I did!  The great Napoleon Hill recommended this and I do too.  Please, please read it right away ... don't just download it and let it sit idle on your computer.  You'll be glad you did!


Success Book #3 - Compensation ($19.95 Value)

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is another of Napoleon Hill's recommended reading, and I can see why.  I can't even put this one into words.  As Dr. Hill himself said, if you read it once, you'll read it a hundred times.  You'll want it by your bedside.

Don't take my word for it ... see for yourself.

Limited-Time Bonuses:

Limited-Time Bonus #1




This bonus is no longer available.


Limited-Time Bonus #2

  The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

I was recently introduced to this book on a series of success teleseminars I participated in, and finally located this rare book after searching extensively.

I'm very pleased to share it with you now.  This book is one of the essential classics and is a must-read for those who strive to achieve high success in life.

Think about it. No more cold calls. More sales success. More money. More time for life. Not to mention that feeling of success.

For less than a couple of tanks of gas.

$97. And you pay nothing today.

This system works. These famous people agree: fact, Frank Rumbauskas has been endorsed by:

Joe Vitale
Jeffrey Gitomer
Anthony Parinello
Robert Allen
Mark Joyner
Dave Lakhani
Michael Port

...and a host of other bestselling authors
and sales gurus!


Are you ready to stop cold calling and start selling yet? It's easy, get started right now:

Yes! Send My Free Trial Now!

Please send me the complete package including the book & manual and 2 CDs direct to my door, along with instant access to the e-book and over $300 in bonuses!

I'll pay nothing today, except the shipping!

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These people didn't wait - read what they have to say:

"Get this, this quarter I have sold DOUBLE what I did in the same quarter last year, and I have been on less than a QUARTER of the amount of appointments!  Thanks again, I must read Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time again actually, see what more I can learn from a second (actually 3rd!) reading after my experience of it in the last few months!  Looking forward to the next installment, all the best!"

- Paul Irvine, Livingston, West Lothian, UK



"Stop wondering what makes that other guy successful and start implementing some of Frank's proven strategies.  This book will earn you thousands more this year and open your eyes to the biggest deals in the world.  Don't waste another day frustrated on the phone..."

- Daniel Waldschmidt, CEO
ACCESS Litigation Support Services


These are only a few. There are a lot more.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine what your life would be like to never, ever have to waste time making cold calls again.

What would that feel like?  

  • make more real sales to people who actually want to buy your product  

  • make more money for you and your family  

  • have more time to spend for yourself and your family  

  • feel better at the end of a really productive day

What would that be worth?

A lot more than $97, that’s for sure. More than $797, truth be told. 

$97. And you pay nothing today. Just the shipping.

And remember: I guarantee your results. 100%.

 Just keep this in mind: If you like to sell, but hate making cold calls – you need this program!

Help me stamp out cold calling forever.

Yours for success,

- Frank

PS: More time, more money and more success – think about it. For only $97 - and you pay me nothing today – you get big results tomorrow. Why would anyone not want that? Don’t wait. Do you really want to keep making those cold calls?

Yes! Send My Free Trial Now!

Please send me the complete package including the book & manual and 2 CDs direct to my door, along with instant access to the e-book and over $300 in bonuses!

I'll pay nothing today, except the shipping!

First Name:
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PPS: One last reminder about the 100% 90-day money-back guarantee that this program and the ideas presented within will increase your sales dramatically and will allow you to stop wasting your time and energy on cold calling and start generating qualified business instead.  If you don't experience the results you desire, simply return the package for a prompt and courteous refund.  It's that easy.

And since you don't even have to pay for the program today, and have 30 days to send it back and never be charged for it, this is 100% risk-free.

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