Cold Calling Tips to Success!

never cold call again

Cold calling has always been a part of the sales industry. But even if the cold call is seen as something bothersome for the people that receive the call, there is a reason why it still exists – it is because it still does the trick. Even if a large percentage of the population cringes at the idea of cold calling, there is no arguing that it is one of the best ways to make sales.

But for the novice sales representative who just wants to make it big through cold calling, how does one do it? What can you do to make a successful cold call? Even though cold calling might be one of the last things that people want to get within the day, how can you turn it all around and make a sale? Here are some tips to remember to warm you up in cold calling.

One of the first things that you should do to be successful when it comes to cold calling is to research on your target. Think of it this way: walking blindly into the battlefield is a sure way of getting yourself killed. For you to make a sale you have to learn what it is your customer is interested in, things that they have been subscribed to and so forth. Armed with this information you will be able to offer them something that actually interests them and not shooting at it blindly.

Change your mentality when it comes to cold calling – you are not exactly making cold calls in the middle of the night or during dinner time, you are calling them during work hours. It is strictly business. Don’t go at it thinking that you might bother them because they have something more important to do, go at it thinking that this is an opportunity for them to change their life with what you are offering.

Remember that you are bound to be turned down by someone who is either busy or just doesn’t want to hear from you. Don’t panic. Being turned down is something normal when it comes to cold calling, it’s all part of the adventure. When you do get turned down, move on to your next call with the same energy and spunk as you did the first one.

Having said that, when it comes to cold calling work with the saying “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” – let good vibes and a positive personality shine through the phone. A customer doesn’t want to get a call from a timid, depressed sales agent. How can you make a successful sale when you are already defeated? Be upbeat, lively, happy, and above all, nice – these are the qualities that will actually make customers interested in what you are offering.

When it comes to cold calling a potential customer, remember to ease up on the gas. More often than not customers get bombarded with either information or the products or services you are offering them. When you do find that they are interested in one thing, stick to that one thing and do not push the others. When you have made the sale that’s when you offer them with something else they might be interested in.

never cold call again