Cold Call Tips for a Successful Business Marketing Campaign

never cold call again

A lot of businesses have chosen to pursue cold calling campaigns as the prime method of lead generation due to a variety of reasons. First of all, many successful companies have closed a lot of deals through this specific strategy. However, there are many other companies who have given up on it, simply because they can’t handle the rejection, and because the Internet age and Social Media in particular have brought about many alternatives for salespeople.

Having said that, if you choose the traditional route, and If you are having problems dealing with cold calls, this is the perfect time for you to adjust your strategies. These cold call tips might also help you close more deals and set the appointments that you are in great need of.

1. Not everyone enjoys doing cold calls. If you own a small business, you may have to start dialing the phone on your own, unless of course you are willing to hire someone to do it for you (like a telemarketing firm). But remember, if you want to understand how this strategy works, you have to start doing it on your own. Once you see results and have a steady revenue stream, then it’s time that to hire someone to call on your behalf – your time is too valuable to spend “dialing for dollars.” In general, it all depends on your needs, budget and preferences. The important thing is, you have to start this campaign as soon as possible for you to see results.

2. When you dial and start speaking to prospective clients, it is a given that you will face a lot of rejection, and even rude hang-ups. Part of the cold call tips that I am about to share with you include accepting objections and learning how to handle them the right way. You may prepare some rebuttals and some scripts that you can throw back whenever you receive a NO. Nevertheless, you don’t stop there. You continue calling until you get to talk to people who are interested.

3. Some people think that these cold call tips won’t make a huge difference. This is where they are all wrong. Simple tips and simple actions can make a HUGE difference. It is not just about dialing like mad and calling as many people as you can – that strategy died a long time ago, and it just annoys people. What you need to do is treat each number as a very important call – regardless of who you’re speaking with, instead of the “numbers game” mindset.

4. Let’s say for instance you were able to set a couple of appointments for the day. Spend some time to celebrate and congratulate yourself! This will keep you motivated, and motivation is part of our 5 cold call tips. You need to keep your composure and never forget to find something to motivate you all throughout the day. It’s not a bad idea to celebrate, even with the smallest sales that you make. It is a good way to keep you inspired and to keep doing better. This way, you won’t lose hope and you will have the willpower and self-discipline to do more and be encouraged to work better. Positivity and having the right mindset will help you close sales.

As you progress along the way, you will be able to come up with your own cold call tips. Just don’t stop doing this and you’ll see that your sales will continuously increase. It is about knowing how to choose the right words, with the right attitude and mindset.

never cold call again